Getting started with IBM Cloud Identity Connect

IBM allows you to create a a 30 days trial account for IBM Cloud Identity Connect. If you are already leveraging one of the other IBM Cloud products then you can enjoy IBM Cloud Identity Connect for one year.

How to create a new account for IBM Cloud Identity Connect –

  • Go to IBM Marketplace and search for IBM Cloud Identity Connect. Or directly go to IBM Cloud Identity Connect Marketplace page.

  • Select the type of account you want to create from the options provided. You may choose to cerate either 1 year account with “Try free edition” option or a month account with “Free trial” option


  • You will get a form to provide your details. These details are required to create your IBMid. If you already have an IBMid then all these details are already associated with your IBMid and you can choose to login using your IBMid



  •  Login with your IBMid

  • As a next step of registration you need to choose a hose name of your choice. This hosename will be part of the URL with which you can access Cloud Identity Connect adminstrator console for your account. I have given hostname as “rkshitij”. is predefined string that follows the hostname that you provide.

  • You will receive an email with a random code that you need to specify to verify your identity.

  • Once you verify your identity, you will receive an email with subject “Welcome to IBM Cloud Identity”. The email provides details of your account such as login URL, username and  password. It also provides information about your trial subscription duration with activation and expiration date.

  • Copy the URL that you have received in your email and paste it to a new browse window. Use the username and password provided. You will be prompted to change your password. This is required only at the first time login. Provide a new password of your choice suitting the password policy defined by IBM Cloud Connect.


  • Once you change your password, you will be taken to a your IBM Cloud Identity dashboard that shows applications that you are entitled to use. Because this is your fist login and you have not configured any applications, you will not see any application listed. It might be potential bug that IBM needs to fix as it is expected that you land on Admin Dashboard. If you do not see this behavior then it might have been already fixed by IBM.

  • Don’t panic seeing the blank page. Click on the icon on the topmost right side and select Admin Dashboard.


  • The Admin dashboard provides various intituve information which is useful to you as an Administrator. The dashboard integrates data from various sources and provides a unified display of relevant and in-context information. Use the dashboard to view the Cloud Identity usage statistics, which helps determine if the product is used as much as expected.





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